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Who we are

The team at IPv4 Brokers has significant experience in the IP market place.  Statistics show there are tens of millions of unused IPv4 addresses out there, however finding the address space on sale is hard, given their scarcity.  That’s why we take pride in connecting buyers and sellers from all industries alike, to make ensure IPv4 space is still within reach.

The team at IPv4 Brokers has a decade of experience in the data center and network industry.  We have developed solid partnerships with data center providers and network operators, and have worked with some of the most prestigious companies around the world.  We leverage our long-term relationships to help source IPv4 space from trusted partners with great reputations.

Creating value 

Many companies have dormant IPv4 blocks. These are untapped assets. We help companies improve their bottom line by bringing their unused IPv4 capacity to market.

Why is IPv4 important?

The newer IPv6 protocol, which offers significant benefits, was meant to replace the IPv4 protocol. In the ten years since it was introduced, IPv6 has failed to fully replace the robust IPv4 protocol, in fact, its only adopted by a small percentage or organizations globally.  Most companies avoid dealing with its complexity levels.  Moreover, migrating to the new protocol is costly and time-consuming, making it unattractive and not practical. As a result, its adoption remains below 15 %, while the demand for the older IPv4 protocol keeps on rising.

fiber optic cables for ip blocks

High demand for IPv4

The situation is most significant for large organizations. Network operators and hosting providers, for instance, have IPv4 addresses deeply embedded into their infrastructure by way of their clients’, which makes any migration difficult.  Consequently, many organizations find themselves in a dilemma. They have to choose between the cost and pain of migrating or figure out a way to acquire additional IPv4 space.

Due to the rising demand for scarce IPv4 addresses, and lack of knowledge, there is a gap in the IP industry.  Our approach targets the companies who have available space and organizations who need it, to create a streamlined ecosystem of happy participants.  Additionally, we make it possible for other ARIN, RIPE and APNIC to all participate in cross-region transfers.

Why we stand out

Our main goal is truly customer focused.   And with that focus, we have developed a process to help companies looking to sell and buy IPv4 space.

First, our vetting process sifts through every IPv4 block to ensure we have clean addresses for sale.

Second, we maintain a personal touch when dealing with clients. Our main motivation is to help facilitate a true business need. Our objective is to make the process seamless and painless for everyone.

Finally, our prices are very competitive because we keep our fees and overhead low.

Because we have pre-existing relations with hosting providers, network operators, and enterprises, our reputation continues to lend itself well to everyone we work with.

Planning ahead

For anyone needing to buy IPv4 address, it’s imperative they plan ahead. Our advisors are on hand to assist clients in securing additional space when they need it, and to choose the right partners to facilitate their needs.

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