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ARIN IPv4 Market Prices & Transfer Statistics

When ARIN announced that IPv4 space had run out in September 2015, the president of ARIN John Curran, stated that IPv4 was not depleted entirely. He explained that many addresses were set aside for exchange site connections to service provider networks. The only way to get an IPv4 address was if an old IPv4 address […]

How to buy IPv4 address space?

  IPv4 addresses were generally free through Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) — such as American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).  By 2001 there was a shortage of IPv4 space ,and ARIN confirmed in 2015 that they will not assign any more free space. ARIN will no longer assign IPv4 addresses unless customers meet very specific […]

IPv4 Depletion Today

Are IPv4 addresses depleted? The central pool of available IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) addresses by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is lowering or depleting. The majority of the 4.29 billion IP addresses have already been assigned or reserved to corporations or institutions. We are in the technology age where just about everything we […]