Buying IPv4 – APNIC IPv4 Transfer Process

Buy IPv4 APNIC Transfer Process

Buying IPv4 – APNIC IPv4 Transfer Process

Have you discovered the need for more IPv4 addresses? If so, you’re not alone and there is a way to get this invaluable asset into your possession without too much of a struggle.

Getting Started with APNIC

First and foremost, you’ll need to register an MyAPNIC account. It’s mandatory to select a Point of Contact and an account name which will reflect on APNIC’s Whois record. You can link a POC record with multiple maintainer ID’s. After you register your account with APNIC, you’re required to apply for pre-approval to acquire the IPv4 address block. Pre-approval is fairly straightforward as long as you’re able to show APNIC that your company will use at least 50% of the IP’s requested within a 2 year period. This is done by providing quarterly projections with actual numbers along with a description on what your company will use the IP’s for. Pre-approval is necessary to prevent companies who do not need additional IPv4 from acquiring them and essentially taking away from those companies who desperately need IPv4 addresses for operational purposes.

APNIC Transfer Agreement

Upon receipt of APNIC pre-approval, you’ll be ready to enter into an agreement with a seller to buy IPv4 addresses. Your company details, including the legal company name, APNIC account name, pre-approval ticket number and the contact details of the person who will be signing the agreement on behalf of the company will be needed to enter into the agreement with the seller.

APNIC IPv4 Transfer Process

At this point, you’ll receive the purchase agreement that will be signed by the individual authorized to do so and the seller. The next step is to make payment for the IPv4 address block via wire transfer or The funds will be held until the IPv4 address block is successfully transferred into your name. The seller is responsible for submitting the transfer ticket to APNIC first. The sellers transfer ticket will include the buyers account name and the IPv4 block number. The buyer has to submit a ticket after the seller in order for APNIC to review the transfer request. APNIC will send the buyer an invoice for fees that is calculated based on the size of the IPv4 block and can be calculate here APNIC will review and approve the tickets and Whois will be updated to reflect the new owners name. When Whois is updated the funds will be released to the seller.