IPv4 Transfer Process

We qualify and approve both Buyers and Sellers

The IPv4 Transfer Process

IPv4 Transfer Process

  1. Buyer reviews the IPv4 address block
  2. Buyer reviews and signs IPv4 Purchase Agreement
  3. Buyer chooses to pay via wire or escrow.com
  4. Seller Submits transfer ticket in respective internet registry
  5. Buyer submits recipient ticket in respective internet registry
  6. Respective internet registry approves Sellers transfer and buyers receipt of IPv4 block
  7. Whois is updated and confirmed by both parties
  8. Funds are released to seller

Our Qualification and Approval Process

For Sellers

  • Each buyer displays proper use case for IPv4 needs
  • For ARIN and APNIC, each buyer must have pre-approval from respective internet registry to receive IPv4 addresses prior to making a purchase

For Buyers

  • We fully qualify every company who is interested in selling IPs. We educate them on the policy and regulations of each internet registry, including ARIN, RIPE and APNIC
  • The IP address block is then checked agains over 100 blacklists and cleaned
  • The IPv4 range is removed from global BGP announcements

    All DNS entries are removed.

We are approved brokers for all major

Internet registries

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