• IPv4 Transfer Process

    IPv4 Process

IPv4 Transfer Process (Buyers and Sellers)

  • IPv4 Pre-Approval & Verification: Both the Buyer and Seller must be verified prior to purchase
    • Buyer gets pre approval by ARIN for desired block based on justified need for 24 months. www.arin.net/resources/transfers/preapproval.html  (Note: answer NA to question regarding the other party or block in this transfer)
      • Provide business case for 50 percent of the requested IPv4 addresses usage within 24 months
      • Demonstrate 50 percent of the sum of all previous assignments and allocations is efficiently used.
      • Alternatively, recipient organizations with direct assignments/allocations who demonstrate 80 percent efficient utilization of the sum of all precious assignments/allocations may qualify for a transfer equal to the total size of their current IPv4 holdings (up to a /16). Organizations may only qualify under this policy once every six months.
    • Seller is verified and ARIN recognizes it as the authorized registrant of the IPv4 block. See details on Seller Transfer Requirement
  • NDA: In some cases a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) are signed to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties’ confidential matters.
  • Block Examination: Buyer has the chance to reviews the IPv4 block for technically and legal compliance and standards.  It is important to note if the block has been added to and Spam or black lists.
  • Asset Purchase Agreement: Both parties review the IPv4 transfer agreement to determine the contractual terms are acceptable.
  • Payment Terms & Escrow: The Buyer and Seller agree to payment terms and create an escrow.com account. The Buyer deposits the funds as laid out in the Asset Purchase Agreement into escrow.
  • Fees: Buyer and seller split the escrow and ARIN Transfer fees.  Escrow fee fluctuates based on total sale, ARIN fee is $300.
  • Transfer: The Seller submits the ARIN Transfer Request, and as requested by ARIN, the supporting documents: an online affidavit and any other documentation requested by ARIN. . The Buyer submits an online Transfer Request and ARIN transfers the IPs from Seller to Buyer.
  • Payment: Payment is released from escrow to the Seller.
  • Announcement: Once the transfer is complete, the IPs WhoIS info is updated to the buyer, and they are announced on the internet by the recipient buyer.

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