• IPv4 Transfer Process

    IPv4 Process

IPv4 Transfer Process (Buyers and Sellers)

IPv4 Transfer Process (Buyers and Sellers)

  • IPv4 Pre-Approval (ARIN & APNIC Only): Buyer gets pre approval by ARIN or APNIC for desired block based on justified need for 24 months. www.arin.net/resources/transfers/preapproval.html
    • Provide business case for 50 percent of the requested IPv4 addresses usage within 24 months
    • Demonstrate 80% usage of the sum of all current IPv4 assignments and allocations
    • If you are using carrier assigned space, its easy to ask for your own IPv4 space as a way to migrate off carrier blocks and avoid being tied down by a specific company
  • Block Ownership Verification: Seller is verified and RIR recognizes Seller as the authorized registrant of the IPv4 block. See details on Seller Transfer Requirement
  • NDA: In some cases a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) are signed to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties’ confidential matters.
  • Block Examination: Buyer will have the ability to review the IPv4 subnets before making payment
  • Asset Purchase Agreement: Buyer reviews the IPv4 transfer agreement
  • Payment Terms: Buyer chooses to pay direct via wire or use an escrow.com
  • Fees:Buyer and Seller are responsible to pay their respective Regional Internet registered fees. In the case of escrow, additional fees vary based on total sales amount and will be determined at time of sale
  • Funding: Buyer makes secure payment to designated client funds account or escrow
  • Seller IPv4 Transfer Ticket: Seller submits the transfer request via online portal with the regional internet registry, and provides the required supporting documents: Typically requires signed and notarized offers letter and can require other company legal documents
  • Seller IPv4 Transfer Ticket: Buyer submits the transfer request via online portal with the regional internet registry, linking the ticket with the Seller
  • Announcement: Upon successful IPv4 transfer, the online Whois record is updated with buyers information with the respective regional internet registry
  • Payment: Payment is released  to the Seller.

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