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Another one of the 5 largest global internet registries is Réseaux IP Européens Network also known as RIPE. Perhaps you have found yourself seeking additional RIPE IPv4 address space. The process to obtain and transfer RIPE IPv4 is difficult and can prove to be unsettling to a first-time IPv4 buyer.  With the right insight into RIPE’s IPv4 transfer process intricacies, your experience with the IPv4 purchase and change of ownership can run like a well-oiled machine.

Getting Started with RIPE

First things first, you’ll need to register a RIPE account. This will require that you nominate a Point of Contact (POC) and apply for a RIPE organization identified, also known as a RIPE ORG-ID. RIPE allows you to link a Point of Contact to multiple ORG-ID’s. Unlike ARIN and APNIC, RIPE does not require that you obtain pre-approval in order to transfer a RIPE IPv4 address block to another organization within the RIPE region. However, when an APNIC or ARIN IPv4 block is transferred to the RIPE region, you’ll need to demonstrate that your company will make use of at least 50% of the requested IPv4 addresses over a 5-year period.  The IPv4 justifications is done during the IPv4 transfer after RIPE receives the information from ARIN for the transfer of the IPv4 block.

RIPE IPv4 Transfer Agreement

Now that you know the requirement, you’ll be ready to get your feet wet with a RIPE IPv4 transfer. In order to get an IPv4 asset purchase agreement to buy RIPE IPv4 address blocks, you will need to provide your company details as listed with your secretary of state.  Your legal entity name, RIPE ORG-ID and a person authorized to sign on behalf of the company are needed to contract between yourself and the lucky seller who owns the RIPE IPv4 block that you’re trying to get your hands on. Once the IPv4 transfer agreements are signed by buyer and seller, the buyer makes payment for the IPv4 address block via or secure wire.

RIPE IPv4 Transfer Process

Now we can get the ball rolling on the RIPE IPv4 transfer process! Both you and the seller will need to provide company registration documents and the POC details for the person that is listed on RIPE’s account. Once we’ve gathered all that information, we will add both company’s details to the standard RIPE transfer form.  This will need to be signed by the buyer and sellers’ directors, who need be verified as listed on the secretary of state’s websites. Once the seller counter signs the RIPE IPv4 transfer form, they submit form to RIPE along with both company’s registration papers. The ball is now in RIPE’s court.  They will review the seller’s request to transfer RIPE IPv4 address blocks.  RIPE will also review the buyer’s information to ensure it is all accurate.  Once RIPE is satisfied, the transfer tickets will be approved and Whois will be updated to reflect the buyer’s RIPE Org ID as the new owner of the IPv4 address block. Thereafter, the funds are released to the seller. At this time, the network team can take a deep breath and focus on the next emergency 😉

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